Boat Regatta

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Date: Saturday, August 13, 2022

Time: Noon

Place: Hancock Lake Island

About the Boat Regatta

Boat Regatta normally meets out on the water by the beach side of state owned island on the first Saturday of August at noon.

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Cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.



Seventeen members attended this year, getting together and spending time talking about the lake, catching up on the news in the area, getting to know everyone and enjoying the tasty food was a good thing. Fun was had by all. There were 5 pontoon boats, 1 runabout, 1 canoe and 2 people who swam out to the gathering. Several new lake property owners attended, it is always nice getting to know the new owners and welcoming them to the lake. We had a Wind Mill Ice Cream Shop door prize and that was won by Kevin Grace, congratulations and enjoy. Just a little lake trivia our Hancock Lake Association Regatta event was originally thought of by Sherry Tischendorf.

Thank you Bill and Sherry Tischendorf for planning and running this fun Hancock Lake water event.


There were 40 people attending with a total of 10 Pontoon Boats, 3 Motorboats, 4 kayaks, one large duck and one large swan tied together at our gathering. Fun time was had by all. There were hamburgers and very tasty food dishes brought by all who attended. Remember this is an annual event and will be held the first Saturday of August. Believe it or not this was our 5th boat gathering year.