Road Rally

Road Rally Fun Run

Dates: Ends on Saturday, August 20th, 2022

Time: 3pm

Place: Alpine Resort on Oneida Lake

Enjoy the beautiful Northwoods while visiting some of the best establishments in the area. Visit via car, motorcycle, SXS or whatever mode of transportation you prefer.

You have from May 13th until August 20th to visit 21 establishments in our area by car, motorcycle, ATV, UTV or any other means of transportation.  Each establishment that you visit will stamp the form.

The Road Rally Fun Run event will be held on August 20th at 3pm at the Alpine Bar on Oneida Lake.There will be other raffles before and after the drawing. 

Your donations will help reach our goal to purchase an Eco-Harvester designed to pull invasive weeds by the root. This method is preferred over the older styles, which only cut the top section of weeds, allowing regrowth and increased spread from seeds that travel downstream into other areas and lakes.

Print out the form below: