Duck Race

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Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022

Time: 10am, 1pm Duck Race starts, Prizes at 3pm

Place: Creek between the lakes + Alpine Bar on Oneida Lake

About the Oneida + Hancock Lake Associations Duck Race

Hancock Lake Association joins forces with the Oneida Lake Association and hosts an annual Duck Race. This fund raising event takes place first Saturday of September on Rice Creek waterway that flows between the two lakes. Related activities follow at the Alpine Resort

Previous Duck Races


2020 - September 5th

Duck (ticket) Race:

  • 1st Place - Karen

  • 2nd Place - Gary H.

  • 3rd Place - Kenda K.

Decorated Duck Race:

  • 1st Place - Hans S.

  • 2nd Place - Derek M.

  • 3rd Place - Erin M.

There were many other winners in the Beer Can Race, 50/50, Paddle Wheel Spin, Dice Games and Bucket Raffles!

2019 - August 31

2018 - September 1

2018 Duck Race Results.pdf

2017 - September 2

2017 Duck Race Results.pdf

2016 - September 3

Duck Race Results.pdf